To contribute to the exciting mission that the Project has laid out and to become a participant in safeguarding the work of the artist Jean Hirtzel, different ways of participating are offered in order to best satisfy various levels of engagement.

Ways to participate :

By becoming a Partner, Sponsor, Patron or Member of the Friends of Jean Hirtzel Association, you will benefit from specific advantages while contributing in an important way to the development of the Jean Hirtzel Project’s activities. We are also willing to discuss with you the possible options so that we may adapt your commitment to your wishes. Your support will allow us to reach our objectives and gives you the unique opportunity to participate, on a one-time or long term basis to an important and exciting project. We are happy that you too wish to ensure the longevity of Jean Hirtzel’s work. We are also open to other suggestions of support, as long as they fall within the realm of our options considered. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this further.